空手 形 [Karate Kata] - 宇佐美里香 [Rika Usami] [空手 形 [Karate Kata]]

0003.JPG空手 形 [Karate Kata]
宇佐美里香 [Rika Usami]

PLAYLIST : Karate [Kata]

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タバレス [Tavares] - Sky-High! (1976) [タバレス]

200817205.jpgタバレス [Tavares]

1. The Mighty Power Of Love (F. Perren , K. St. Lewis) 3:58
2. Ridin' High (F. Tavares , K. St. Lewis) 4:05
3. To The Other Man (Baylor, Northern, Ingram, Stewart) 4:34
4. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (F. Perren , K. St. Lewis) 6:32
5. Bein' With You (F. Perren , K. St. Lewis) 3:45
6. Wonderful (C. Hampton, H. Banks) 4:00
7. Guiding Star (F. Perren , K. St. Lewis) 4:42
8. Don't Take Away The Music (F. Perren , C. Yarian , K. St. Lewis) 6:18

Butch Tavares
Chubby Tavares
Pooch Tavares
Ralph Tavares
Tiny Tavares

Bass – Scott Edwards
Drums – James Gadson
Guitar – Bob "Boogie" Bowles, Melvin "Wah Wah" Ragin
Percussion – Bob Zimitti, Freddie Perren, Paulinho DeCosta, Paulinho Magalhaes
Piano – John Barnes
Synthesizer – Electric Ivory Experience
Producer, Arranged by Freddie Perren / Executive Producer – Larkin Arnold
Recorded and Remixed at Total Experience Studio

PLAYLIST : Tavares - Sky-High! (1976)

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